Quality Control Program

QualityAlturna Networks understands the importance of superior quality. The Alturna Networks Quality Control Program and ESD Control Program and superb packaging will make sure all the equipment you receive is in perfect condition.

Our Quality Control Program is designed to meet the highest standards and to make sure all products you receive are in perfect condition. In addition to our Quality Control Program our products are tested, handled, stocked and packed according to the strictest regulations of the Alturna Networks ESD Control Program in our ESD controlled in-house test laboratory.

Our Quality Control Program consists of the following stages:

  • Cosmetic Inspection: The equipment we receive is inspected on scratches, dents and missing or broken parts. Every part is cleaned inside and out in our ESD Protected Area (EPA).
  • Identification: The equipment is identified by manufacturer’s serial number, inspected on part number, bar-coded and assigned an inventory number.
  • Initial Diagnostic Inspection: In this stage our technical engineers verify if the product meets the manufacturer’s specifications; inspection of memory, power and full boot test.
  • Upgrade of the Product and Retest: If necessary the engineer upgrades memory and performs other engineering upgrades. After the upgrade the product is retested.
  • Port Testing: Each port is connected to our test equipment and intensive data streams are send through to make sure the manufacturer’s specifications are met.
  • Reset Settings: The settings of the prior user of the equipment are reconfigured to the standard default settings.
  • Storage: All equipment is packed in ESD safe material before it leaves our EPA and stored in climate controlled warehouse.
  • Configuration: The customers order is configured in our EPA according to the customers wishes.
  • Final Diagnostic Inspection: A full diagnostic test for the configuration.
  • Packaging: The customers order is packed in ESD safe packaging material according to the Alturna Networks ESD Control Program.