ESD Control Program

ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) Control has high priority at Alturna Networks. All product tests are performed in our state of the art ESD secured testing facilities. Handling, storage and packaging is done conform the guidelines of the Alturna Networks ESD Control Program. To achieve the highest standards of ESD Control, Alturna Networks cooperates with Nefab, a global and leading provider of complete packaging solutions, mainly in the automotive and telecom industries. Nefab is a member of the American ESD Association. ESD experts from Nefab-Bijl have trained our ESD coordinator, helped to form our test facilities into an ESD Protected Area (EPA) and helped to design the Alturna Networks ESD Control Program.

The Alturna Networks ESD Control Program

  • ESD sensitive products are handled only in an ESD Protected Area (EPA).
  • In the EPA all conductors (including persons) are kept on the same potential.
  • There are no “common” (charge generating) plastics in the EPA.
  • On essential insulative materials electrostatic charges are neutralized by the use of ionisation.
  • All ESD sensitive products are surrounded with ESD safe packaging materials, except when they are being actively worked on in the EPA.

Nefab has also provided Alturna Networks with a complete range of shielding, conductive and low charging dissipative packaging products. Our packaging line for the inner packaging consists of:

  • Cortronic Shielding Corrugated Carton:Cortronic features effective ESD safe packaging for electronics. The ESD shielding layer is integrated in the corrugated structure. Superior protection for your PCB.
  • Dissipative Foam:Alturna Networks uses dissipative pink foam. It does not contain carbon but offers conductivity to prevent ESD damage. It provides superior protection against physical shock, vibration and abrasion in both in-plant handling and shipping.
  • Static Shielding Bags:Static Shielding bags have been designed for ESD safe packaging of PCBs. They protect against ESD and electrostatic fields.