How to End a Research Paper

Conclusions can be problematic to write and should not mastered the art of writing a basic conclusion, one could find themselves struggling to write one for a research paper. A research paper takes a different format and the conclusion is also a little different. In a basic conclusion, one is expected to restate their thesis statement and include their main points. However, when writing a conclusion for a research paper, one needs to go further than that and include other aspects which will be discussed in other sections of this article.

The other rules of writing conclusions do apply in a research paper. For example, while writing a conclusion, you should not include or introduce any new piece of information. The conclusion should be the area where you tie up your thoughts and you bring your research paper to an end. Therefore, any new piece of information must not be included in your conclusion. While concluding your research paper, writers from advice to follow the next steps:

Restate your topic

This should not be long but is quite necessary. The best way to end a research paper must involve a restatement of the topic. However, you should not just restate your topic but explain its importance as well. The relevance of your topic must be evident throughout the paper especially in your conclusion. However, these must not take up more than two sentences. They should be brief and to the point.
Restatement of the thesis statement

There is no specific way to style research paper. But the elements listed here must be included. A restatement of your thesis statement is vital and must be included. However, restating does not mean writing the same thing word for word. You should reword it and ensure that it complements the summary and explanation of your topic in the first two sentences. This too should be brief and should not be more than a single sentence.

Summary of Main Points

While writing a research paper, one is required to have the main argument which is then followed by other supporting points which make up the body of the paper. These points must stand out throughout the paper and should be restated in your conclusion. However, here, you only need to provide a summary of these points. Therefore, you need to find a brief way of restating them without including redundant information.

The significance of Your Work

Well, in other situations, the research paper introduction explains the significance of your paper. However, in other situations, you may find yourself having completed your paper but having not explained or added up the points to one single theme. Therefore, this should also happen in the conclusion. But, it is crucial to note that this is not a necessity and may not apply to all research papers.

Call to Action

Like the previous point, this is also not needed in all research papers. However, when needed, you should inform your audience that more research is needed. Aside from the above, you can also call or bring an institution or government or an agency to task over the findings of your research paper.
The conclusion of your research paper should be an opportunity for you to show your audience the broader context of your topic. After reading your conclusion, your audience should understand why it was necessary for you to conduct that research. Therefore, make sure that you answer the ‘so what’ question and make your paper’s relevance apparent.
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